What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports is a preventative and positive multi-tiered  system of support embraced by Lucy Franklin Elementary and the Blue Springs School District to foster a safe learning environment.

There are four main teaching components of PBIS.

  1. Clearly defining and teaching behavioral expectations.
  2. Consistently acknowledging and reinforcing expected behavior.
  3. Providing clear and consistent interventions for when students do not follow expectations.
  4. Using behavioral data to assess progress and address needs.

Each month, Lucy Franklin Elementary collects data on attendance, grades, reading score and behavioral expectations.  We reward students for meeting expectations and celebrate with them monthly in our school wide assemblies.

Our students practice PAWS.

Practice Kindness

Act responsibly

Work and play safety

Show respect

These expectations carry into our hallways, restroom, restrooms, buses and classrooms.

At Lucy Franklin Elementary we use PAWS tickets to reward expected behavior. We give students positive feedback on their behavior by rewarding students with tickets and praise.  Students may save these tickets to “purchase” items from a reward menu of incentives.

Students who do not follow expectations of Lucy Franklin receive interventions and consequences based on need.